Take Time to Sit by the Sea

Nobska Light, Woods Hole section of Falmouth

Side of a cafe fence, Woods Hole.

Waters off Falmouth, Massachusetts. Clear and greenish blue and full of rocks.

Cormorants. A nice fisherman told me what they were. He was shocked that living in Rhode Island, I had never seen them. He said they were "like pigeons," and laughed when I took pictures, but I had never seen them. Beautiful, geese-like birds, they soared looking for fish like giant bats.

Kenny's Taffy ad Fudge shop. Onset, Massachusetts.

A worthy message. Onset, Massachusetts.


Danangib said...

Beautiful series, thank you for sharing.

MaryVican said...

thank you, I'm happy you liked!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Mary! Seems like you had a fantastic time!

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