Blogger's New Templates...and Caryn Drexl purchase

Like many artists turned bloggers out there, I was rubbing my eyes read trying to figure out coding, favicons, cascading style sheets and rss feeds. Who signed me up to learn all this, anyway? I just wanted to write and share my pictures, that's all. But..sigh, we must learn a bit about how things work, right? Wrong...sort of.

Blogger, I just discovered, has a draft version of a new Template Designer, in which you can build and customize your blog to your little heart's content- without needing to know any code! It's pretty easy, and I've already updated my own blog, to try and make it a neater 3-column design with room for buttons.
If you're feeling creative, roll up your sleeves and login to the draft blogger here to give your blog a makeover!
In other news...soon I will be the proud owner of a provocative print from photographer Caryn Drexl, of the Palm Coast of Florida. Here's the one I chose:

"Learning to Sin",  by Caryn Drexl

Caryn's a fellow member of the Female Photographers of Etsy and runs two successful and worshipful shops on Etsy, both with stunning imagery and thought-provoking themes. Her work is truly unique and just beautiful, and I'd been "stalking" it for days...
Caryn's deliciously dark and dreamy prints can be found on her shop LightLeaks, her newer shop featuring life's dark humor can be found on her shop Keeping Still. And if you want to read and follow her website replete with her gorgeous conceptual images, giveaways and other goodies check out A Pretty Binding.

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